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Important! The resistance of silk is reduced when exposed to temperatures above 110 ° C or ultraviolet rays. The fabric becomes brittle, it can tear due to minor physical influences. With long exposure to the sun (more than 200 hours), the resistance of silk is cut in half.

    Composition of silk fabrics

  Silk weaving thread has a chemical composition similar to human or animal hair: 97% is made up of proteins, the rest is wax and fats. Its composition is as follows:

  • 18 amino acids;
  • 2% potassium and sodium;
  • 3% fat and wax components;
  • 40% sericin;
  • 80% fibroin.

   Natural silk is very expensive: not everyone can afford a product of this material. So now there are factories that are dedicated to the manufacture of artificial fabrics: silk-cupro (viscose) and synthetic silk. Externally, synthetics are not very different from natural fabrics, but they do not have wear resistance, resistance and hygiene.



    Properties of silk fabrics

   Natural silk has gained popularity due to its incredible properties. The characteristics of silk fabric are as follows:

  • High density, wear resistance and resistance to vinegar and alcohol. Only a concentrated acid or alkali solution can damage the material.
  • Smoothness, soft shine and shiny overflows. Silk adheres well to the skin, flows smoothly throughout the body, and shines softly, making it look luxuriously real.
  • Bactericidal and hypoallergenic properties. Silk prevents the growth of bacteria, absorbs unpleasant odors and does not cause allergies. That is why it is often used to make clothing and bedding.
  • The crease of the material depends on the type. Smooth silk wrinkles easily. But silk lycra or silk jacquard hardly wrinkle.
  • The fabric doesn’t burn: When a spark hits a silk product, it starts to burn, spreading the smell of burnt feathers.

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    Fabric Features

  For fans of silk clothing, other properties of the material are important:

  • the fabric dyes well in any shade due to the high hygroscopicity of the material: it passes perfectly and absorbs water, it is not electrified, it stretches well;
  • It has an average shrinkage: after washing, the silk fabric always shrinks and can lose up to 5% of its original length.

   Important! Silk is used not only for sewing clothes. Fine souvenirs are made from it, used for embroidery, weaving and felting, and crepe de chine, a scarf or a toilet is an ideal base for paintings and shawls using the batik technique.

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