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Here we talk about the characteristics of silk

Silk is a valuable fabric that is known worldwide for its soft sheen, unique softness, and high strength. It was natural silk in ancient times that the robes of kings and nobles were made. Now the precious material is available to everyone: it makes gorgeous outfits and shoes, lavish interior decorations, and valuable home textiles.

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Silk and its characteristics, unlike other fabrics, is not made from materials of plant or animal origin. It is made from cocoons of silkworm caterpillars.

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The world owed the appearance of silk to ancient Chinese artisans, who began extracting silk thread from cocoons a couple of millennia BC. Then the silk cloth was made by hand, so only emperors and nobles had products.

The Chinese understood the value of the incredible fabric, so they kept the secret of its manufacture secret. A man who dared to divulge the secret of silk production was sentenced to death. However, by the 4th century, silk production technology had become known in Korea, Japan, and India. In 550, this art was made available to Europeans.

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Silk manufacturing technology is very complex. The caterpillars and silkworm moths are grown in special nurseries. When the caterpillar is wrapped in a cocoon, it is killed and the cocoon is softened in hot water. Then they unroll it. From a cocoon, 300 to 1000 m of silk fiber are obtained. The yarn compacts, twists 5-8 fibers at a time, and is wound onto bobbins. The coils are sorted, processed, sometimes the fibers are twisted further to increase density. The finished material is shipped to the factory. There, the thread is soaked in water and dyed. Then, fabrics are made from different fabrics. The type of silk fabric will depend on the type of fabric and the density of the threads. Important! Now the production of this material is carried out by different countries. However, China is still considered the leader in supplying natural silk to the world market.


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