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There are many varieties of silk. They differ in yarn quality, appearance, structure, knitting pattern, and properties.

The most common silk varieties:

Tual – is a smooth woven material that maintains its shape well and is distinguished by a soft shine and high density. Keep sewing dresses, skirts, outerwear linings, and ties.
Satin – Silk is a satin woven fabric that has two sides: a shiny front and a matte reverse. Atlas covers well and can have different densities. Used for the manufacture of clothing, footwear and interior decoration.
Chiffon – silk is a plain weave fabric. It is characterized by softness, transparency, roughness and opacity. Used for blouses, dresses, bathrobes.
Dupont – is a dense and shiny fabric. It is used to sew curtains, drapes and vertical blinds.
Foulard – is a light and shiny fabric, suitable for making linen and scarves. It is very popular with batik masters.

There are other types of fabric: gas, organza, silk-rayon, excelsior, brocade, chesuch.

tela seda
tela seda

Application areas

Silk application areas are numerous:

  • Making clothes. Both winter and summer clothing are made from silk fabrics, as this material maintains a comfortable body temperature in any weather. In addition, silk products have an attractive appearance, absorb unpleasant odors, prevent the growth of bacteria on the skin, and do not cause allergies.
  • Medicine Silk has disinfecting and bactericidal properties, therefore it is used as a suture material in surgery (even in areas as delicate as neurosurgery of the eye). For the implementation of surgical sutures, threads made from the external or internal fiber of the cocoon – beret silk – are the most suitable.
  • Home textiles. This hypoallergenic material, in which insects and mites do not reproduce, is perfect for making home textiles. The curtains, roller shutters, bedding, furniture covers, bedspreads are sewn from thick silk.

seda para ropa
seda para ropa

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