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Velvet bag

✔️ Handbag made of natural Uzbek Bakhmal fabric

? Fresh colors and traditional ornaments

? An elegant handbag with a unique pattern

? Bag strap: eco-leather, black

? Closes with magnetic buttons

? Made in Uzbekistan

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Velvet bag

A small velvet bag or a women’s clutch is an essential accessory for an evening look. However, discreet clutch models go well with a business wardrobe.

Choosing a handbag is not easy: the variety is simply enormous. Our online store ¨ikatart “in its catalog contains a large number of inexpensive and high-quality bags, so buying several at the same time will not burden your budget.

The main thing is to adhere to the basic rules of fashion.

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Please be aware that this product is shipped directly from the Uzbekistan factory. For this reason, please choose the type of shipment from Uzbekistan. In order to avoid the complexity of the calculation of shipping costs, it is advisable to buy products belonging to the warehouse of Uzbekistan separately and not interfere with the products in the warehouse in Madrid.

We remind you! Due to fast sales, some items may not be in stock. Before buying, please call the indicated number and check the availability of the goods.


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