Handmade cap with cotton fabric


Handmade cap with cotton fabric

✔️ Fabric – Janda
✔️ High quality
✔️ Delivery anywhere in the world
✔️ The fabric is hand-woven with pre-dyed yarns
✔️ The fabric is light, it folds well
✔️ It is not transparent
✔️ Thanks to its unusual versatile properties, this fabric keeps you cool in summer and gives off warmth in winter
✔️ Silk and cotton are much more comfortable for the body than other materials
✔️ It is able to maintain an optimal microclimate for the human body
✔️ The fabric does not fade
✔️ Does not fall apart
✔️ Does not lose color shine
✔️ For any age
✔️ For any gender (unisex)
? Composition: 100% Cotton
? Cleaning: dry cleaning or hand wash with shampoo at 30-40 degrees
? Can be combined with any clothes
? Can be decorated to any style



Handmade cap with cotton fabric

The JANDA Eight Wedge Cap Crafted from Abrasive Cotton Fabric is a classic men’s cap that appeared in Europe and America in the early 20th century. The eight-piece, crafted from first-class handcrafted materials with quality details, is one of the menswear styles of the 1920s or 1950s, and today. But we must not forget that the eight-piece shovels are sometimes very suitable for women, the main thing is to choose the right image.

We keep healthy, diet and appearance and want to be healthy and happy. Some of your requirements may coincide with our products. Your head is an important part of the body and we will try to save it from heavy sun, rain, dust, snow, hail and other troubles:).

   In addition, a Cap made of Janda fabric, something unique of its kind. Firstly, such Abr Matolar fabric – Janda, was born recently, woven on the basis of ancient Abr Matolar art in the capital of hand weaving and silk in the city of Margilan. Secondly, the composition of the fabric of 100% of the cotton of the Ferghana Valley, such cotton is grown by the meltwater of the mountain rivers of the Ferghana Valley.

   Thirdly, such Abr Matolar fabric is alive, do not laugh, it is when you come to us (we always wait for you) You will find out for yourself.

  In the meantime, at a distance we will show you how such fabric is born!

Additional information

Ikat - Reversible cotton fabric

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