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The traditional head cap consists of four parts. Why exactly four? On what occasions is it used? Each part of the cap represents the four periods of a person’s life: childhood, adolescence, youth, and old age.

Grandparents, men, women, girls, boys and even babies can wear a headgear

Uzbeks believe that wearing this headgear does not hurt their head.

Excellent protection against direct sunlight.

– Round soft hats
– Covered with a dense and colorful carpet pattern
– Round cap: a sign of heaven, celestial dome
– Used by both women and men

– Characteristic square shape
– Cross-stitch
– Bright floral pattern on white background.
– Kashkadarya “Iroqi duppi” – carpet hat
– Diameter 56/58 / 60cm.
– Depth 8/10 cm
– Base 100% cotton
– 100% silk threads
– 100% natural dyed
– 100% handmade (Time spent on a product 10 days)



Uzbek skullcap is an integral part of the national culture.

The head cap is the national headdress of Uzbekistan, the most important part of the traditional male and female costume.

The very word “duppi” – “skullcap” – comes from the Turkish “tyube” – up. Historically, skullcap forms were formed from a domed telpak cap, in which a turban was wrapped. Little by little, it was transformed. Then acquiring a lower shape: pointed, conical, round, or tetrahedral with embroidery with cotton or silk threads, or even gold threads on satin or velvet.

In Uzbekistan, the head cap as a headdress became widespread in the Middle Ages. Embroidered product ornaments were passed down from generation to generation, from mother to daughter and gradually evolved from ritual magic patterns, folk symbols, and poetic images. They are distinguished by a variety of shapes and a high level of stylization.

It can be worn with national clothes such as a robe or a caftan

The caps have always varied depending on the material security of their owner and indicated the status and social belonging of the person who used them. Only representatives of a noble family or people who, for some merits, received such a gift wore caps embroidered with gold threads.

They also differ in shape: they are round and square. They are sewn of soft fabric, while there is a certain feature – the lining is attached to the upper part with small stitches, as a result of which the inner side is ribbed. The caps are convenient to store as they fold easily.

The headgear also had a practical function. As you know, the climate in Central Asia is warm and the caps perfectly protect from direct sunlight. It looks simple, modest, and at the same time decorative. This hat can be worn on all occasions, be it a happy or sad event. In the upper part of the cap, four flowers are embroidered, according to legend, protecting the health of a man. Also on the ornament are 16 patterned bows, which are embroidered in a row along the edge, signifying the desire to live as a large and friendly family.

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