Large spacious handcrafted bag ⠀⠀⠀


Large and spacious bags

This very elegant and graceful bag, thanks to precious and semi-precious handcrafted, handmade embroidery, design, color, uniqueness of the pattern, style characteristic, as well as all kinds of decorative elements.

  • Zip closure
  • Satin lining inside
  • The print does not fade
  • The bag can be hand washed with stain remover
  • Iron at medium temperature.


Large and spacious bags

Everyone has at least one bag in their closet. Leaving home without this accessory is like being without hands. It’s hard to imagine forgetting to put your shoes on when you go to work, to the store, or anywhere else. It’s also hard to imagine that you might accidentally leave your purse at home. It contains our whole life: documents, money, cosmetics. In addition, the bag is an important attribute of the style and individuality of every woman.

This is why some of you prefer neat little bags, while others prefer big and spacious bags, others prefer cute backpacks, etc. Not in vain they say that with a bag you can judge the character of its owner.

The women’s bag is actually a reflection of the soul of the fair sex. We often underestimate the role of this accessory in our own style. But in vain!

Additional information


Please be aware that this product is shipped directly from the Uzbekistan factory. For this reason, please choose the type of shipment from Uzbekistan. In order to avoid the complexity of the calculation of shipping costs, it is advisable to buy products belonging to the warehouse of Uzbekistan separately and not interfere with the products in the warehouse in Madrid.

We remind you! Due to fast sales, some items may not be in stock. Before buying, please call the specified number and check the availability of the goods.


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