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Phone case

  • Phone case
  • Hand embroidery
  • Cotton base
  • Viscose yarns
  • Chemical dyeing (factory)
  • Size 17x9cm (+ -1cm)
  • Does not fade 100%
  • Handle length of 62 cm


Phone case

How to choose a phone case? A balance must be found between the practicality of the case and its elegance. Think about how it will be used in daily life. What impression do you want to make on others? The phone appears in a person’s hands more often than a purse, watch, or jewelry. The smartphone is sure to attract the attention of an employer, friends, or family. Therefore, the phone case is a continuation of the image.

Advice! To avoid complicated decisions, choose multiple covers, and change them according to the situation.

Finding a suitable option is difficult due to the large number of models, materials, and manufacturers that you trust. Some useful tips, reviews, and ratings will help you. Compare the list of case characteristics to determine which will be the most optimal.

Phone case for protection of the case against damage.

This criterion reflects the very essence: why buy a phone case. This factor will save the “favorite” and the funds invested in him. A case is a great way to extend the life of your smartphone and the data on it.

Additional information


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