Simple head cap, sun protection


This Shakhrisabz cap is also called “Iroki”.

The skullcap is not only a beautiful headdress, but it is also a talisman.

Each embroidered ornament, each fragment color combination has a special meaning. For example, a floral ornament is a symbol of life, bright bird feathers (eye protection, a fruitful garnet, a star, a dome or a circle) denote a goal.

Green represents immortality, red represents courage, blue represents good luck,

Grandparents, men, women, girls, boys and even babies can wear a headgear

Uzbeks believe that wearing this headgear does not hurt their head.

Excellent protection against direct sunlight.

– Round soft hats
– Covered with a dense and colorful carpet pattern
– Round cap: a sign of heaven, celestial dome
– Used by both women and men

– Square shape
– Cross-stitch
– Bright floral pattern on white background.
– Kashkadarya “Iroqi duppi” – carpet hat
– Diameter 56/58 / 60cm.
– Depth 8/10 cm
– Base 100% cotton
– 100% silk threads
– Factory staining
– 100% handmade (Time spent on a product 10 days)



Simple head cap

Shakhrisabz’s simple head cap is also called “Iroki”.

It is not only a beautiful headdress, but it is also a talisman.

Uzbekistan is famous for a wide variety of Uzbek ice caps. The Uzbek skullcap is a round or pointed cap with embroidered or woven patterns, the national headdress of the Uzbeks. They are adorned all, both the gray heads of the elderly and the glasses of newborns. A popular proverb says: “The simple headgear always fits the jigit.”

The origin of the cap is very old. In the custom of wearing a skullcap, the religion of Islam played a role, prohibiting Muslims from leaving the house with their heads uncovered. Apart from its direct utilitarian function, the bonnet has always been a garment adornment.

The aspiration of the artisans for beauty, for perfection, elevated their work from the craft to the highest art. Historically, their shapes come from a pointed cap worn under a turban. The word “cap” itself comes from the Tatar “tyubete”: tyube – top, top.

The Uzbek name for these hats is “duppi” or “kalpok”. Towards the 19th century, caps as headdresses became generalized, and a variety of their shapes were determined: pointed and conical, hemispherical and tetrahedral, round and domed. The richness and variety of colors and ornaments, the embroidery techniques are so great that it is difficult to enumerate the decoration of the caps.
Most of the time, black satin or velvet was chosen for men’s headgear. The women’s caps are made of silk, velvet, and brocade. They can have a high or low side, be adorned with a single-colored or multi-colored border from other fabrics, embroidered with silk, beads, as well as thread, glass beads, metal overlays.

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