Female caftan – Uzbek chapan


Female caftan – Uzbek chapan

✔️ Fabric – adras
✔️ High quality
✔️ Delivery anywhere in the world
? Composition – 100% cotton
? 1 side – ornament
? The size – One size (S – M – L)
? Cleaning: dry cleaning
? It is remodeled with the expansion of the lower part
? With soft cotton lining
? With decoration



Female caftan – Uzbek chapan

Female caftan – Uzbek chapan is traditional clothes. National traditions, preserved with special care, carry invaluable knowledge.

Likewise, classic oriental clothing created by talented artisans embodies not only the best ancient traditions and national flavor, but also creates the most favorable conditions for people. An example of this is the Uzbek chapan tunics.

In such clothes you are always comfortable, warm on cool nights and cool in sweltering heat.

Chapanes and robes

Oriental clothing can be safely compared to a work of art. The traditional chapan is an Uzbek national quilted tunic with a loose fit without buttons or collar. The lining is usually made of cotton or camel hair.

The ceremonial version, intended for the nobility and emirs, was embroidered with gold threads on the most luxurious fabrics, velvet or silk. Today, such a wardrobe item is a sign of the highest social status and is presented as a gift as a sign of respect and special respect.

However, the everyday veneer is not inferior in beauty and convenience to elegant models.

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