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Use: In clothing design, for interior decoration, for the manufacture of additional accessories.

✔️ Variety of colors.

✔️ This fabric allows you to combine it with almost any style you aspire to.

? Composition Fabric composition: 100% cotton

? Fabric width: 40 cm.

? Cleaning and care: hand wash at a temperature of 30 degrees.

? Report (repeated image): no.

? Made in Uzbekistan

? The color of the fabric on your monitor may differ from the actual one.

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The ancient cities of Central Asia, through which the Silk Road passed, have always been famous for the production of exquisite fabrics. Bukhara, Margilan, Namangan, Kokand and others have been and continue to be the centers of Uzbek weaving. Today these places are famous for the beauty of silk made by hand there, not only throughout the country, but all over the world. The centuries-old traditions of handmade silk and cotton fabrics have been an integral part of national clothing, culture, and interior design.

A special place is occupied by traditional fabrics made according to ancient technology, which in the West is called “ikat“. This name comes from the Indonesian verb “mengikat”, which means “to unite”. This sophisticated weaving technique is done exclusively by hand and consists of the threads of the fabric being tied in bundles and dyed in certain colors. Then when the fabric is woven, a pattern is drawn on it. In Uzbekistan, this technique is called “abrband”, which means: a tied cloud.

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