La variedad de colores y el diseño de este tejido permite combinarlo con casi cualquier estilo al que aspires. Ikat Adras es una tela de doble cara con trama de algodón y una base de seda.

Informe (repetición de la imagen): no.
Composición de la tela: algodón 100%
Ancho de la tela: 51 cm.
Limpieza y mantenimiento: lavar a máquina o a mano a una temperatura de 30-40 grados.
Uso: En el diseño de ropa, para la decoración de interiores, para la fabricación de accesorios adicionales.
Hecho en Uzbekistán


Use: In clothing design, for interior decoration, for the manufacture of additional accessories.

All of this unique design is actions when choosing a color and pattern to create a beautiful composition. Ikat fabric in the palace is an elegant example of oriental craftsmanship, a manifestation of the art of a fashion designer and the skill of a dyer. The accent fabric is beautiful and also shiny and glows in the light, giving it a luxurious and elegant look with its colorful fiery patterns.

In addition, this delicate trendy Ikat organic cotton fabric is of the highest quality, using only high-quality materials such as cotton and silk, providing the universal possibility of comfort and convenience for the human body, while stays cool in summer and warm in winter. And also, one of the reasons for the prestige of the fabric is the difficulty of the technique of making Ikat. Traditional ikat fabric does not use dyes or chemical looms. That is why the fabric impresses with its strength and durability. The main drawback of Ikat fabric is that it is one of a kind and can be one of the owners of this excellent creation.


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