⠀⠀⠀⠀Adras Fabric of Ikat


Atlas Fabric of Ikat

Use: In clothing design, for interior decoration, for the manufacture of additional accessories.

✔️ Variety of colors.

✔️ This fabric allows you to combine it with almost any style you aspire to.

? Composition Fabric composition: 100% cotton

? Fabric width: 67 cm.

? Cleaning and care: hand wash at a temperature of 30 degrees.

? Report (repeat image): no.

? Made in Uzbekistan

? The color of the fabric on your monitor may differ from the real one


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Atlas Fabric of Ikat

The ornament on the abr fabric was made with a complex technique of bandaging the warp. The base was stretched over the frame, and the master abrband, counting the number of threads, marked with dots the places that needed to be painted in a certain color. Everything else was wrapped with thick cotton thread. The tied base was immersed in the dye solution. The solution, not penetrating through the non-hygroscopic thread, only slightly flowed along the ends of the dressing, so the contours of the patterns applied in this way had a soft vagueness.


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