High quality multicolor velvet


High quality multicolor velvet – ikat

Use: In clothing design, for interior decoration, for the manufacture of additional accessories.

✔️ Variety of colors.

✔️ This fabric allows you to combine it with almost any style you aspire to.

? Composition Fabric composition: 70% silk, 30% cotton

? Fabric width: 35-40 cm.

? Cleaning and care: hand wash at a temperature of 30 degrees.

? Report (repeated image): no.

? Made in Uzbekistan



High quality multicolor velvet – ikat

The word “velvet” imagines jewels scattered on soft accent pillows, carriages, corset dresses, antique portraits, gilded thrones, and heavy canopies over beds. This word is associated with luxury, beauty, and bliss: velvet season, velvet skin. The concept has a huge impact on human consciousness: velvet tree (in botany), velvet revolution (bloodless, peaceful), black velvet (a way to test the quality of safety razor blades).

Velvet is used to make luxury goods, clothing, home textiles, and upholstery. It is a soft, delicate, and noble material that has not lost its attractiveness and high status for centuries. We will tell you what type of fabric is velvet, its natural or synthetic composition, and what properties this fabric has.

Natural silk, expensive dyes, gold, and silver threads were used to manufacture Ikat quality Velvet. Cloaks, raincoats, dresses, hats, and shoes were made of velvet. The finished things were decorated with precious stones and embroidery.

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