Velvet fabric – Ikat in Madrid


Velvet fabric – Ikat in Madrid

Use: In clothing design, for interior decoration, for the manufacture of additional accessories.

✔️ Variety of colors.

✔️ This fabric allows you to combine it with almost any style you aspire to.

? Composition Fabric composition: 70% silk, 30% cotton

? Fabric width: 40 cm.

? Cleaning and care: hand wash at a temperature of 30 degrees.

? Report (repeated image): no.

? Made in Uzbekistan

? We remind you that due to lighting effects, monitor’s brightness contrast settings etc, there could be some slight differences in the color tone of the photo on the website and the actual product

? The color of the fabric on your monitor may differ from the actual



Velvet fabric – Ikat in Madrid

Barkhat (probably from the German Barchent; English Velvet, French Velours) is originally a silk cloth with thick hair stretched or cut of small height, which is obtained through a special interlacing of threads: four in pairs form the upper warp and bottom, and the fifth – hair.

The fabric base is made of plain weave or twill. The varieties of velvet differ according to the quality of the soil used (warp and weft) on which the hair and hair thread is fastened.

Velvet made of silk, wool or cotton yarn with a high pile (2-6 mm) is called plush.

A fabric made in the velvet technique with hair arranged in the form of narrow scars is called velvet.

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