Ikat – Reversible cotton fabric


Ikat – Reversible cotton fabric

✔️ Fabric – adras
✔️ High quality
✔️ Delivery anywhere in the world
✔️ The fabric is hand-woven with pre-dyed yarns
✔️ The fabric is light, it folds well
✔️ It is not transparent
✔️ Thanks to its unusual versatile properties, this fabric keeps you cool in summer and gives off warmth in winter
✔️ Silk and cotton are much more comfortable for the body than other materials
✔️ It is able to maintain an optimal microclimate for the human body
✔️ The fabric does not fade
✔️ Does not fall apart
✔️ Does not lose color shine
? Composition: Silk 50% Cotton 50%
? Width: 40 cm
? Cleaning: dry cleaning or hand wash with 30-40 degree shampoo
? Adras can be used in clothing design
? Adras can be used interior decoration
? Adras can be used to manufacture additional accessories such as: scarves, shoes, bags and hats

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Ikat – Reversible cotton fabric

Ikat (adras) – Double-sided cotton weave fabric from the palace is an elegant example of oriental craftsmanship, a manifestation of the art of the fashion designer and the skill of the dyer.

The fabric shines beautifully and brightly and glows in the light, giving an elegant and luxurious look with its colorful fire patterns.
The Uzbeks call this fabulous textile “Khan’s atlas”, which means “royal silk atlas”. Also, this delicate Ikat fashion fabric is of the highest quality, in which only high-quality materials such as cotton and silk are used, providing the versatile possibility of lightness and comfort for the human body, keeping it fresh in summer and warm in winter. Furthermore, one of the reasons for the fabric’s prestige is the difficulty of the Ikat manufacturing technique. Traditional ikat weaving does not use chemical dyes or looms. That is why the fabric is impressive in strength and durability.

All of this unique Ikat design is probably the painstaking work of a person who thinks cordially and sensually in their every action by choosing a color and pattern to create a wonderful composition. The main drawback of Ikat fabric is just that it is one of a kind and you can be one of the owners of this excellent creation.

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