High quality Uzbek velvet – Ikat


High quality Uzbek velvet – Ikat

Characteristic of the fabric: the fabric has an overflow of tones that depend on the direction of the pile and the depth of the color, it does not wrinkle in the products.

  • Fabric composition: silk, cotton
  • Fabric width: 40cm
  • Length: 1mm
  • The price of the fabric is indicated for 1 meter
  • Hand wash at a temperature of 30 to 40 degrees
  • The fabric does not fade, does not crumble, does not lose color shine

** The tone of the fabric on your monitor may differ from the actual one.



High-quality Uzbek velvet – Ikat

Uzbek fabrics appeared thousands of years ago when three great khanates were formed on the territory of the modern state: Khiva, Bukhara, and Kokand. These fabrics were known far beyond the borders of Uzbekistan. Clothing made of cotton and silk was a sign of high status☝?

And now our fabrics have not lost their value! Designers from all over the world come to our store to choose fabrics for a new collection of trendy clothes Our fabrics have subtle notes of oriental magic, great taste, and joy

In retail, you can buy products in our store, you are always welcome, come!

Traditional Uzbek Alo bakhmal fabric. The fabric is handwoven with pre-dyed yarns.

Velvet is a beautiful aristocratic fabric, used in furniture upholstery, in the manufacture of accessories and the sewing of curtains. The surface of the fabric is incredibly good with an impressive play of light and shadow.

We can confidently say that Uzbek velvet has no analog in quality, ornament, and originality of design.

Don’t you have the opportunity to come to our store? WE DELIVER FABRICS WORLDWIDE!!

Additional information


Please be aware that this product is shipped directly from the Uzbekistan factory. For this reason, please choose the type of shipment from Uzbekistan. In order to avoid the complexity of the calculation of shipping costs, it is advisable to buy products belonging to the warehouse of Uzbekistan separately and not interfere with the products in the warehouse in Madrid.

We remind you! Due to fast sales, some items may not be in stock. Before buying, please call the indicated number and check the availability of the goods.


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